How does it work?

Webinar Interactions removes distractions from training sessions. With Webinar Interactions, each participant’s smartphone turns into a two-way communication device! Using our proprietary iOS and Android apps, participants will be able to respond to questions, engage in activities, and even play games all while learning your important content.

Webinar Interactions takes the stress out of building fun and educational gamification learning events. The Webinar Interactions’ highly-trained staff will work with you to populate a quiz or activity of your choice with your content. With the Webinar Interactions app, you can set up team competitions, individual races, or countless other challenges with no technical expertise needed!

Steps to Success

Sign Up

Register with Webinar Interactions and purchase credits. Most games cost 1 credit per year. There aren’t any other costs…ever.

Provide Content

Fill out a simple content form and we will take care of the rest. We will program the game and provide you a unique code for your participants as well as presentation for your session.


Have all of your participants download the free Webinar Interactions app on their iPhone or Android device. The participant’s smartphone becomes their game controller!

Play and Learn

It is time to play! Provide your participants with the unique code and they are ready to interact with you in your session. It is that easy!

Shift your creativity into overdrive

Let’s be honest. Most webinars are B-O-R-I-N-G. Webinar Interactions is on a mission to change boring webinars into entertaining and educational events. Using the Webinar Interactions approach has proven to engage audiences and remove distractions. Webinar Interactions works with ALL webinar and collaboration software.

Show me the games!

The Webinar Interactions app is

Types of Games by the end of 2016

Engaged Participants

Cups of Coffee

One Game


Per month (paid annually)Buy Now!

Five Games


Per month (paid annually)Buy Now!
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    Webinar Interactions will customize a game for you based on the content you need to teach.

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    Presentation Slides

    Webinar Interactions will provide a presentation slide deck to match your game.

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    Free Apps

    The Webinar Interactions app is free. You can download it from the iOS and Android app stores.

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    Admin Portal

    Within the Webinar Interactions app, the instructor can view participant responses in real time.

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    Unlimited Use

    You can play a Webinar Interactions game as many times as you want with as many participants as you want for free.

Webinar Interactions is not just for online sessions.
It works perfectly for in-person meetings and classroom training sessions as well!